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Are you ready to beGIN?

The love of Gin knows no bounds, both from the number of brands and variants and also the love it has from its drinker – currently, there are 7.2million uses of #gin on Instagram; this increases by 85 every hour! *

We believe that our gin range is the biggest choice in any Indian Restaurant. Along with this, our range includes 15 different ‘flavours’ – from Blackberry to Strawberry with everything in-between!

If you want to come prepared, download this pdf and have it to hand when you are ready to order!

A few we are particularly proud to stock:

Copper Rivet Gin's

Distilled in Chatham Dockyard – 6.7 miles from our bar. They started with their signature ‘Dockyard Gin’ and since have added ‘Damson Gin’ and ‘Kent Strawberry’ to their range.

Sipsmith – Lemon Drizzle Cake

During the lockdown, there can’t be many homes that have not baked at least one Lemon Drizzle Cake! If you have, then enjoy one of these with tonic – and relax thinking you’ve not got to bake it!

Gordon’s Alcohol-Free 0.0% abv. Gin!

When Alcohol-Free larger was first launched, many said that it didn’t taste nice at all and the idea ‘would never last’ – but it has and continues to grow faster than the rest of the beers.

There have been a number of attempts at alcohol-free spirits, including a couple seen on Dragon’s Den. The beauty of Gordon’s Alcohol-Free Gin?? It tastes good!

We'll see you at the bar. Or at your table.

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