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The Story of Tiffin...

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

A Journey, from Colonial India to Modern Food Culture

The Origins of Tiffin

Tiffin, a term synonymous with light meals, snacks, or packed lunches, has its roots in colonial India. The word 'tiffin' likely comes from the British slang term "tiffing," meaning to take a sip. The British in India adopted the practice of having light meals or snacks between regular meals in the early 19th century.

The Evolution of Tiffin - THE DABBA

Tiffin carriers, known as "dabbas," became iconic. These stainless steel containers held an assortment of Tiffin dishes and made it convenient for office-goers, school children, and travellers to carry their meals.

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Modern-Day Tiffin

In the modern era, tiffin has adapted to the needs and tastes of busy lifestyles:

1. Healthy Tiffin Options

Tiffin services now offer nutritious and balanced meal options, including salads and quinoa bowls.

2. Fusion Tiffins

Tiffin embraces fusion cuisine, blending Indian and international flavours, resulting in dishes like tandoori wraps and Indo-Chinese noodles.

3. Subscription Services

Startups offer tiffin subscriptions, delivering freshly prepared meals to your doorstep daily or weekly.

4. Tiffin Apps

Apps connect users with local tiffin providers, making ordering meals easier than ever.

5. Office Tiffin Clubs

Colleagues form tiffin clubs, taking turns bringing homemade meals to foster camaraderie and enjoy a variety of cuisines. (Makes a 'cake sale' seem a bit dull!)

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