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Freedom Day & Beyond...

We've updated our safety procedures since 'Freedom Day'. The changes reflect the changes of the law, whilst taking into consideration the concerns that some still have.

Our priority is ensuring that our customers & team are in a safe environment.

Prior to your Booking

From 19 July, bookings can be for any number of people.

But we know that some people are still wary of close contact with large groups. For those that are, we suggest avoiding peak trading times (e.g., Friday & Saturday nights after 7.30pm)

Order using your phone

You’ll still be able order food and drinks from your table directly via the UberEats app which you can (if not already) download from the Apple App Store & Google Play store for Android phone users.

Please ensure that location finder option is switched on to ensure it can find us.

On Arrival

There is no longer a requirement to wear a mask, but we do encourage you to wear one, if you wish, while you are not seated.

We will continue to provide table service in the bar as currently.

Please continue to make use of the hand sanitising stations made available.

In the Dining Room

We’ve never had ‘cramped/crowded’ tables, but a few don’t fit the old minimum distance rule of 2 metres.

If at any time during your visit you feel, or are made to feel uncomfortable, please call a member of staff or the duty manager - they will do everything possible to ensure your visit or departure is as comfortable as possible.

During your Stay

There’s now no time-limit on your visit to Spice Fusion. So, you can enjoy a leisurely drink in our bar or out on the terrace before and/or after your meal.


They will continue to be sanitised regularly.

If you are concerned about being in a confined space with others, let one of the team know and they will ‘stand guard’ whilst you visit the toilet.

How we will ensure your safety and that of our staff

Our kitchen and takeaway service has been operating at full capacity throughout lockdown and we have maintained an incredibly high standard of safety and sanitisation.

We’re leaving the wearing of masks & gloves up to each member of the team. We trust them to make the right decision for themselves and for our business.

Thank you

Rajeev Gupte


We know it’s a mad world, but it’s getting more ‘back to normal’ every day (with a few bumps in the road to true freedom).

Our ‘Summer of Support’ campaign reinforces that – good times, great deals in a safe, welcoming environment. The deals are designed to get new and existing customers to visit us this Summer. We appreciate and need you support during the sunny months



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