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Join us and Simon Rawlings on Friday 30 November from 7.30pm (entertainment included - no extra charge)

Join us and Simon Rawlings on Friday 30 November

It's always good to get "out out" at the end of a month (especially with it for many being pay week!) and this November we've got a great reason - that won't cost you any more than your curry and beers!

SImon Rawlings is a "local lad" whose had west-end fame. Starring in London's "Buddy The Musical", amongst many other things, his talent and entertainment abilities are for sure.

You can find out more about Simon's story and experience on his blog - click on the picture to take you there.

Back by popular demand!

Simon's performed at Spice Fusion a few times and we've invited him back because we know he's great and our customers (and his already fans) love the evening.

No extra charge!

There's no "extra charge" for this musical entertainment. You only still pay for food (from our award-winning chef, Abul) and drinks. So you get a great night out without breaking the bank.

Book now - another reason to look forward to the end of the month!

With Christmas still a while away, it's always good to have something to look forward to in-between. Simon already attracts a great fan-base, so it makes sense to book your table now - when we're full, we're full!

You can book online or by giving us a call - 01634 261100

Get ready for a night to enjoy, relax and remember - Friday 30 November from 7.30pm.



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