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Get together this Christmas at Spice Fusion.

With flexible menu options and all-inclusive options - we can make your festive celebrations become special, without the stresses usually involved.

From 8 to over 100 people, our Festive Celebration Menu is perfect for office/work parties, social group gatherings or just getting together with friends and family to celebrate.

And with prices starting at £25 per head (or with wine, beer, spirits & soft drinks included* for £10 more), it's exceptional value and removes any stresses about "splitting the bill".

Our award-winning chef and just some of our team who want to make your gathering special for you.

We want to make your experience personal, so when booking we'll ensure we're catering for both mild/medium and spicy curry lovers, vegetarian, vegan and allergen-friendly requirements.

A sample menu would include: Poppadoms & home-made chutneys, a mixed starter selection, a lamb & chicken curry (as agreed when you book), vegetable side dish, pilau rice, naan bread and a tasty festive dessert that people will enjoy.

All of our dishes are prepared fresh from scratch in our kitchen by our award-winning chef and team - you can be assured that no-one will leave hungry.

Whether a group of 8 to over 100, we'll ensure our attention-to-detail is as good as any other visit you make. (Picture for guidance only.)

Available from mid-November to Sunday 23 December - either at lunchtime (Sunday-Thursday) or any evening, with us being an easy-to-find location with free parking at all times. Pre-booking and deposit required before.



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