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Updated: May 10, 2019

Not only is it our unique spice blends we use and the way we present our dishes that makes us different, but it's also because we aren't afraid to try new things - always with real reasoning to make our food taste great.

We introduced Red Snapper to our offer at the start of 2019 - certainly not something you see on most Indian restaurant menus and its gone down a storm!

What is Red Snapper?

Red snapper is a fish that's a low-calorie, lean source of protein that is rich in selenium, vitamin A, potassium and omega-3 fatty acids - all good stuff in terms diet.

It’s a strange looking fish, with a bulgy look, big teeth, and mouth, but what's inside it is what you get to see and enjoy at Spice Fusion!!

There's 17 varieties of "Snapper", with the most common and popular being the one we use - "Lutjanus Malabaricus"

What does it taste like?

Snapper has a lean, firm texture - as for the taste, it's probably best to describe it is "it's like chicken, but fish!"

The flesh is white, delicate and mild and it’s tinted pink from its red skin - moist in texture and has a mildly sweet and fresh taste.

Where does it come from?

We source our Red Snapper from Hales and Moore - a great Rainham fishmongers that has been trading there since 1984. Shane, Bradley and Ryan are the faces you see at the counter. You can read more about the shop, them and what they sell on their website.

If you cook fish at home, please do visit and buy from them. Not only do you get great seafood, the friendly service makes them really excellent - we need shops like this in our community to make it thrive. Otherwise we'll be left with just "big national" supermarket chains and online delivery services - hardly the town most people want to live in. #ShopLocal

Where do they get it from?

It's from Indonesia in the west Pacific Ocean - caught wild, with a large sustainable stock. The ocean there is plentiful in not just the fish, but also the foods they love to eat.

It comes to the UK frozen - and if you ask a fishmonger, most will agree that as it's frozen on the boat, the flavour is just as good as you would get from a fresh fish.

Why don't you use a fish from the seas around the UK?

A good question and one that we need to do more about - the challenge is that we needed a great-tasting fish that's also robust enough to cope with being tossed around in frying pans and skewered and cooked in our tandoor oven, Nazreen (as we like to call her!)

We'll set Shane from Hales and Moore the challenge, but we won't compromise on the taste if we ever replace Red Snapper. Promise!

How can I enjoy Red Snapper at Spice Fusion?

Mosa Mass Red Snapper is one our award-winning chef's specials.

Many ways! All of our traditional curries are available with Red Snapper, along with the following "Dumpukht" starters and main courses. These represent the pinnacle of Indian dining. First enjoyed by the Mogul Emperors in the 16th century and brought to life now by Abul, our head chef and his team.


Small chunks of Red Snapper fish, delicately spiced and dipped in our own home-made batter then fried.


Acha translates as “Born Good”. Using light spices and no oil, they are grilled in the hot, dry tandoor oven to bring out the flavours.


Fillets of Red Snapper lightly cooked in olive oil, with a special curry by Chef that features garlic, coriander and spices. Served with rice.

Red Snapper can also be enjoyed in our Korma, Masala, Rogan Josh, Bhuna, Balti, Karahi, Jalfrezi, Pathia, Dhansak and Biryani traditional curries.

We look forward to you trying Red Snapper at Spice Fusion!


Spice Fusion - Deanwood Drive, Parkwood, Rainham, Kent. ME8 9LH


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