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Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Whilst it's obvious that the food on our menu should be inspired by Indian and Bangladesh traditional cuisines, when it comes to drinks it's a little more vague.

Whilst we love serving Cobra Beer, we wanted to get some local drinks on our bar.

We already serve what you expect from an Indian Restaurant (Cobra & Kingfisher beers!), but for this new menu we felt it was time to get more "local" with with our drinks.

The good news is that Kent has some really great, unique drink producers and we're proud to support, serve and promote their drinks.



Copper Rivet Distillery was established in October 2016 and is situated within Chatham Dockyard - just 6 miles from Spice Fusion.

The copper distillery skill in the middle is called Janet. if you want to know why then book a trip around the distillery.

As well as being local, they are the only spirit maker in Kent (and one of just a few in the UK) that undertakes the complete process of brewing and distilling from grain to glass, ensuring their range of premium spirits is totally distinctive and unique.

We're delighted to add their range of hand-crafted spirits to our range of spirits.

No introduction necessary here. - it's all in the labels (with the details of them below)

DOCKYARD GIN (41.2% abv.) - Crafted in “Janet” (a unique hand-made copper Banik still), this gin steers tradition into unexpected waters.

VELA VODKA (40.0% abv.) - Early-harvest Kentish wheat, barley and rye are selected for this distinctive vodka. It’s then distilled in small batches before being charcoal filtered for purity.

SON OF A GUN (47.4% abv.) - A unique grain spirit with a soft flavour, with floral notes and tastes of tropical fruit, vanilla and honey.



Also from Chatham Dockyard, we are adding Nelson Brewery ales to our beer range.

Somebody thought it was important to visit the brewery and taste their beers - guess who?!

Brewing was first brought to the dockyard by the Flagship Brewery in 1995, where it established a five barrel kit brewing up to 100 firkins a week.

In 2003 the brewery was bought and renamed the Nelson Brewing Company to fall in line with the most famous naval hero of all time 'Admiral Horatio Nelson' and that his flagship 'The Victory' was built here in Chatham Dockyard.

Each of the ales brewed by Nelsons Brewery have nautical themed names to gel with their surroundings. We've selected three of these to get the barrel rolling at Spice Fusion, all available in 500ml bottle serves:

We're now stocking three of these - give them a try, we'd love to know what and tell us what you think.

ADMIRAL IPA (4.0% abv.) - A traditional IPA Beer brewed using Kentish Cascade Hops.

POWDER MONKEY (4.4% abv.) - A Dark Golden Ale with a smooth taste and produces a sweetness on the palate.

FRIGGIN’ IN THE RIGGIN (4.7% abv.) - A premium bitter with a smooth malt flavour and a bitter sweet aftertaste.



Biddenden Vineyards in South-West Kent has been producing locally produced wines since the late 1960's.

How it looked when Biddenden Vineyards were first planted in the 1960's.

We're delighted to be adding their award-winning Pinot Reserve "fizz" to our menu - we think it tastes better than the champagne from across the Channel!

Originally home to a 40 acre apple orchard, the vineyard's owners started to consider diversifying the farm as apple prices began to decline. In 1969, one third of an acre of vines was planted and Biddenden Vineyards was born!

Today, their single estate vineyard spans 23 acres of gentle south facing slopes situated in a sheltered valley, just outside the picturesque Wealden village of Biddenden. All of the grapes used are grown here producing award-winning English wines.

PINOT RESERVE (2014) - A dry, fruity sparkling wine, rich and creamy with hints of brioche, good length and mousse. 


If you like gin, vodka, beer or "fizz"* then we hope you'll give one of these a try next time you visit . By doing so you'll also be supporting three Kent businesses that deserve their success.

Our bar is open every evening from 5.30pm and you''ll be very welcome there - even if you aren't eating in our restaurant. See you there!

* Due to the law, we're not allowed to call it Champagne!


Spice Fusion - Deanwood Drive, Parkwood, Rainham, Kent. ME8 9LH



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