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Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Thank you for booking at Spice Fusion. We will be implementing COVID-19 safety precautions at the Restaurant.

Prior to your Booking

Government requirements dictate that the maximum number of people at one table is six.  If your booking is for more than six, we will need to seat you at separate tables - we'll do our best to have your tables near eachother but we cannot guarantee this.

Order using your phone

You can order food and drinks from your table directly with an app called QTAP.  You can download this from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

On Arrival

Please make sure you are wearing your mask. Please wait by the entrance door and a server will greet you and ensure we have your Track and Trace details (full name & contact details)

Please make use of the hand sanitising stations made available. You can either go directly to your booked table or you may go to a table in the bar and order drinks from your bar table which will be brought to you. Once sat down you can remove your masks but you must wear them again if you move around the restaurant.

In the Dining Room

Our tables are set out in a manner to allow 2m between tables.  Some tables are closer but these are not in use.  You will be able to order and pay for your food using the QTAP app from your table. 

Food, cutlery and napkins will be brought to you on a trolley  and served to the end of your table by our servers.   When you have finished your meal, a server will bring a trolley to your table.  It will help if you are able to move all the tableware to the end of the table. Drinks will be brought to your table on a tray for you to help yourself and empty glasses can be placed back on trays brought to you by servers.

During your Stay

Your visit to us will be limited to a maximum of two hours.  While you are in our facility we ask that as much as possible you remain seated.  Please respect social distancing guidelines at all times.


The toilets will be single occupancy only and will be sanitised every 15 minutes.

How we will ensure your safety and that of our staff

Our kitchen and takeaway service has been operating at full capacity throughout lockdown and we have maintained an incredibly high standard of safety and sanitisation.  In the dining room and bar, all serving staff will be wearing aprons, gloves and masks.  There will be occasions where our staff will need to come close to your tables in order to bring and take trollies and trays, but they will do so safely and as briefly as possible.

Thank you

These are new and untested times for all of us and we ask for your understanding, cooperation and respect at all times.



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