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Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Get the family together and celebrate this special day at Spice Fusion - it won't just be mum that will love your choice!

However big or fussy your family is, we've got it covered at Spice Fusion.

Unlike some annual "days", Mother's Day isn't something greetings-card producers have made up to increase sales during the year. It can be traced back to 8BC when the Ancient Greeks would celebrate Rhea, the Mother of the Gods and Goddesses, every spring with festivals of worship. And long may it continue to celebrate a rather important person in every family,

But getting the family together can be a challenge - including satisfying everyones "needs" when going out. Good news - we think we've cracked it...


It's all about mum (but a great deal is good news too!)

Whilst a card, flowers and a box of chocolates doesn't cost a fortune - it quickly adds up.

*Starter, main course & a side or rice or bread. Excludes drinks. Maximum of one mum per group of 4 people.

The good news is that we'll do the cooking and washing-up AND feeding mum* for free on Mother's Day. We hope it helps!

*Starter, main course & a side or rice or bread. Excludes drinks. Maximum of one mum per group of 4 people.


Celebrate when you choose (with space for your elbows guaranteed!)

To provide you with "family-friendly" dining options, on Mother's Day we'll be open all day. It's the only day of the year we do this - mum's you should feel extra special?!

Whilst we've plenty of space, we strongly recommend making a reservation ahead of Mother's Day!

It's a busy day for all restaurants - but unlike some, we promise you won't find yourself being squeezed onto a table that leaves no room for your elbows!

Whilst we've plenty of space, please do book ahead - we don't want unhappy mum's in the bar and there's no excuse - just click here and it's done!

*Maximum of one mum per group of 4 people. Excludes drinks.


We've something for "everyone" (we think we've ticked all the boxes!)

These days, we all know what we like. And people aren't afraid to have their say.

And with every dish made from scratch, just ask if you want yours "hotter", "milder" or without a certain ingredient.

Others opinions are very lovely - unless you are the organiser trying to arrange and book a meal that caters for everyones wants (and genuine needs.)

We believe our menu ticks many boxes and takes away the headache of you trying to please everyone:

  • VEGETARIAN - We've around 15 main dishes that can be enjoyed by them.

  • VEGAN - Our Chef's Special "Dhansak Ramir" is both vegan and one of our best-tasting dishes on the menu.

  • PESCATARIAN - We've always had King Prawns, but we've added Red Snapper which is a great choice in any curry choice.

  • LOW-FAT / ON A DIET - We're not aware of any other restaurant in the area that has an easy-to-find "Being Good" section, with has starters, side dish and main course options that taste as good as the rest of the menu.

And for those guests that "don't like hot/spiced food"...

  • Chicken Tikka Masala - It's "the nation's favourite curry" because it's so mild!

  • "Korma" traditional curries - another curry with minimal spice. With chicken, lamb, Red Snapper, King Prawn & vegetable options we think we've covered everyone's needs.

And finally - we make every dish you order "from scratch" in our kitchen. So please don't be afraid to ask for a dish to be "hotter", "milder" or to leave out a certain ingredient - we'd love to make it really right for you.


Stress-free parking too!

Being the 'nominated driver' can be stressful - especially with a car filled with family "back seat drivers" and that's before you've reached your destination.

Our postcode is ME8 9LH - just tap that into your Sat Nav and you'll be here!

Whoever is driving should be delighted with you choosing Spice Fusion. We've plenty of free, ample parking and we're easy to find on Deanwood Drive.

Book now and get the family together on Mother's Day at Spice Fusion. There's plenty of reasons why!


Spice Fusion - Deanwood Drive, Parkwood, Rainham, Kent. ME8 9LH



Want to make a restaurant reservation or order Spice Fusion @ Home for collection or home delivery? Click on the links above (or give us a call on the number below)



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