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Love the fact you can stick to your diet at Spice Fusion this Valentines Day

Sticking to a low-fat diet can be a challenge - whether you've just started it or have been on one for a while, especially when eating-out. And with Valentines Day being one of those days in the year where food is part of its tradition, we believe our "Being Good" options really could help.


Enjoy low-fat food that looks and tastes as good as everything else on the menu.

Our "Being Good" Jalfrezi (shown here with chicken) tastes as good as the traditional dish on our menu.

When we created our "Being Good" options, whilst they had to be low-fat for obvious reasons we also made the rule that they had to look and taste as good as everything else we served.

Because of our Head Chef's skill in blending and using spices so well, we think we've achieved that. In fact, based on feedback from customers who've already enjoyed these dishes - they may even taste better than the equivalent dish on our menu.


Order a starter and main dish - because you can!

As well as a choice low-fat curries (served with your choice of chicken, red snapper, king prawn or vegetables), we've introduced two low-fat starters that also follow "Being Good" principles. If you are on a diet where certain foods are 'free' - rest assured, all the ingredients are "free" ones, whichever "Being Good" starter and main course you choose.


Share the nation's favourite Indian side order - they won't notice the difference!

If you are on a diet, it's not often you are given the option of adding anything more to your dinner choice than the main meal you've chosen.

If you followed most recipes for Bombay Potatoes, you wouldn't be able to have these on a low-fat diet.

Our "Being Good" Bombay Aloo (Bombay Potatoes) have already gone down a storm with both restaurant and home delivery/collection customers. So much so that perhaps "sharing" is a bit optimistic.


As for the roses and the romantic card - over to you. We hope we've done our part in helping you have a great evening.

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