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The pinnacle of Indian cooking, served at Spice Fusion.

As well as our new menu featuring exclusive seasonal specials by our award-winning head chef Abul, our new menu focuses on our "Dumpukht" specialities - the pinnacle of Indian dining.

Legends claims that when Nawab (equivalent of an Prime Minister in the 18th Century) Asaf-ud-daulah found his kingdom in the grip of famine, he initiated a "food-for-work" programme, employing thousands in the construction of a shrine in his palace grounds. Large cauldrons were filled with rice, meat, vegetables, and spices and sealed to make a meal that were available to workers day and night.

One day the Emperor caught a whiff of the aromas emanating from these and the royal kitchen was ordered to serve the dishes from then on as they smelt and tasted so good.

We promise we didn't make it up - check wikipedia for the full story.

We're very proud of our Dumpukht dishes - whilst our traditional curries are loved by many, these are the ones that people talk about to us and their friends. To make them easy to find on our menu, we've put them in boxes so they (deservedly!) stand out.

Take a look at them below, or visit our menu page to see all of our menu..

Our Chicken "Dumpukht" dishes. Click to see our full menu here.,

Our Lamb "Dumpukht" dishes. All made from scratch in our kitchen.

Our Seafood & Vegetable "Dumpukht" dishes. Click to book online now.

Like what you read? Wait till you try them!

You can enjoy our Dumpukht dishes from 5.30pm each evening - either in our restaurant or for collection to "take-home".

(As for our award-winning Chef's Seasonal Specials - you'll need to book a table to enjoy them!)