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Whether you are on a diet or not, these days we're often considering how we can eat more healthy - especially when dining-out. The good news is that with our menu packed full of flavour, you can make simple choices/swaps that tick the "good" box as well as the "delicious" one too!

Don’t feel too bad about the poppadoms

Only around 65 calories in a poppadom!

Each poppadom contains around just 65 calories and with a raita side (cucumber yoghurt dip) to dip/top them with is a good choice over bhaji's or samosas.


Choose a vegetable “side” as your starter

Aloo Gobi is a classic vegetarian Indian dish with vegetables like cauliflower, basil leaves, onion and a hearty helping of turmeric.

These vegetable really help you feel full on few calories as aren’t as “energy dense” as refined grains and sugary foods and will fill you up in the same way, without loading on the calories.

Also... Choose Slimming World super-free ingredients in your choices

With spinach and onions being on the “super-free” list on Slimming World go for those containing these.


Go Tandoori over traditional curry

Tandoori items are made in a traditional clay oven called a tandoor. Because of the method of cooking, the dishes are nice and lean and its marinated spices and yoghurt, with ginger and garlic adds lots of additional flavour, without the calories charge of richer sauces.

The cooking method also helps the meat retain its vitamins. Chicken is very rich in various vitamins including vitamin B3, B5, B6, and a whole lot more. But even if you choose lamb or King Prawn, the spices and the vegetables used to make it extra special are also rich in vitamins and nutrients including vitamin C, potassium and irron.

And if an Indian doesn’t feel with without a proper curry, choose the dryer options such as bhuna, karahi or rogan josh - these don’t have a creamy sauce.


Be plain with your rice

Without a doubt the best accompaniment for curry is plain boiled rice, which contains around 370 calories per portion. Pilau rice has oil added to it and with 650 calories in a portion it’s best to give it a miss.


Choose a side dish with chickpeas or lentils