We’re proud to become a ‘local legend!’

The popularity of home delivery of all types of food has never been greater. In part, this is due to Covid restrictions but the rise in the popularity of using apps to order food has made it quickly become part of peoples’ day-to-day life.

But there are large variations in the service you can receive from the restaurants / takeaways that are on an app. One of the most popular apps, ‘Just Eat’ has recognised this and monitors service times, order accuracy, quality of food and online reviews for each location.

With this they have identified selected ‘Local Legends’ to be awarded this status. It’s an elite group – only 12% meet the strict criteria for 2 consecutive quarters of a year. 

Spice Fusion is proud to be part of this group - in fact we are the only ‘Local Legend’ in the area!

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'Restaurants that have a Local Legend badge in the Just Eat search are tried, tasted, and highly rated by other customers.'

'So when you order from them, you’ll know that you’re getting the best food in your area, from a restaurant that consistently gets the highest ratings for both their food and delivery services.’

Just Eat Website - April 2021

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We're proud & thankful

We are immensely proud of this accolade, especially our team of chefs, order packers, phone operators and delivery drivers who work tirelessly to achieve this award.